Toshiba Machine adds new electric and servo hydraulic models

Three new injection molding systems are being introduced by Toshiba Machine (Elk Grove Village, IL) to provide customers with faster cycling, greater versatility and more cost-effective performance. Consisting of a 30-ton electric and 110- and 390-ton servo-driven hydraulics, the new models are being featured in live demonstrations at Toshiba’s booth (W-1563).

“We designed these new systems as standard, out-of-the-box machines to give molders the high performance they need, with pricing that meets their budget,” said Steve Cunningham, U.S. and Canada Sales Manager.

As an example of that high performance, Toshiba is showcasing the EC30SX, a 30-ton machine joining Toshiba’s all-electric, energy-efficient ECSX line. At NPE, the new EC30SX is running 1.8-sec cycles to output thousands of connectors. “That speed’s not unusual,” said Cunningham. “It’s capable of running that fast all the time.”

Molders looking for economical alternatives to electric systems will appreciate the new 110-ton TiA110S and 390-ton ISGS390N machines that combine Toshiba’s energy-efficient servo technology with its proven hydraulic design. Servomotors driving the pumps on both machines rotate only at the necessary required speed, using up to 65% less energy than traditional hydraulics. “We plan to roll out a complete lineup of servo hydraulics later this year,” Cunningham said.

Booth visitors can see the new TiA 110S for the first time at NPE, where Toshiba is using it to mold lenses for motorcycle taillights.